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The White House and President Obama issues Fire Prevention Week Presidential Proclamation

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The President of the United States has proclaimed October 4 through October 10, 2015, as Fire Prevention Week. On Sunday, October 4, the United States flag was flown at half staff at all federal office buildings in honor of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. President Barack Obama is calling on all Americans to participate in Fire Prevention Week with appropriate programs and activities.


President Obama paid tribute Sunday to firefighters who died in the line of duty and cited the sacrifices they made in service to a grateful nation.

Obama spoke at the annual national memorial service in Emmitsburg, Maryland, and said those being remembered were heroes.

Obama said, “It’s hard to think of a more selfless profession.” He added that it’s hard to imagine what it takes to “override the natural human instinct for self-preservation and run into danger as others are running away — to literally walk through fire, knowing you might never make it out.”

Read the full Presidential Proclamation issued by the White House.

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When Sparky asks people to name three places smoke alarms should be installed at home, the bedroom often misses the list


Now that Fire Prevention Week is officially here, we’re launching the fourth and final “Smoke Alarm Smarts” video, where Sparky the Fire Dog® asks people to name three places smoke alarms should be installed in the home.

While this year's campaign theme, “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm”, promotes that you need a smoke alarm in every bedroom, this clearly isn’t common knowledge to many people. So please share this video wherever you can (Facebook, email, websites, etc.) and help spread the word!

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Here’s a place where the Fire Prevention Week theme is hard to miss

Billboard2For many of us, when we leave the office on a Friday afternoon we can’t wait to put our work behind us, but for one NFPA employee, her work was in front of her and she couldn’t have been more pleased.

Barbara Dunn was driving on highway U.S 1 in Walpole, Massachusetts, when she saw a billboard for this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign. This year’s theme, Hear the Beep Where You Sleep. Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm, is displayed in giant letters along with an image of Sparky the Fire Dog®

Barbara was able to make her way down the road filled with pride for being part of the NFPA family, and countless motorists got to focus—at least momentarily—on the importance of having working smoke alarms where they sleep.

Source: NFAP Safety Info

Fire Prevention Week kicks off today: Hear the Beep where you Sleep!

Today is a big day. Fire Prevention Week kicks off, and will continue all the way through Saturday the 10th! 

Did you know that roughly half of home fire deaths result from fires reported between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., when most people are asleep?

Smoke alarms save lives. If there is a fire in your home, smoke spreads fast and you need smoke alarms to give you time to get out. In fact, having a working smoke alarm cuts the chances of dying in a reported fire in half! That's why, this year's Fire Prevention Week theme aims to keep your family safe with working smoke alarms in every bedroom. The official theme is "Hear the Beep where you Sleep. Every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm."

We hope everyone will install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of your home, including the basement. Larger homes may need more alarms.

NFPA is excited to share this important information so everyone better understands the life-saving value of home smoke alarms. Visit NFPA's "Smoke Alarm Central" and Fire Prevention Week website for more information, resources, messages, videos and a fun, interactive quiz to test your knowledge.

Also, be sure to join the conversation on social media using #FirePreventionWeek.

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NFPA campaign encourages teens to TakeAction to prepare for wildfire

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If you haven't heard, NFPA recently launched a new campaign for teens called TakeAction, and it's proving to be a great resource for students and families across the country.

Specifically, the campaign targets middle and high school students living in areas with wildfire risks. Research shows that youth are a valuable resource in bringing information into their homes and being active participants in projects related to risk reduction. So, a few years ago, members of our wildland fire operations division organized a handful of workshops around the country and met with teens and their parents who had lived through a wildfire in their area, and asked them about their experience.

The students were honest and very forthcoming with their answers, telling us that 1) they didn't know a whole lot about wildfire and its effects, and 2) they wanted to do more to raise awareness about wildfires, take some action to help friends, neighbors and their own families prepare ahead of a threat in their area, but didn't know how. 

We took their answers and feedback to heart and TakeAction was born. We created a short video that explains what wildfire is, how it affects communities like the one you live in, and how teens and families can get involved in the campaign. The video can be shared easily through social media and in online newsletters. If you are one of the millions who live in a wildfire risk area, watch it together with the young people you love. Take the opportunity to discuss what you can do as a family to help stay safer from wildfire, then have everyone share it with friends and neighbors. 


As parents, we know our kids have to get involved in community service projects for school, right? Participating in school and club community service projects directly benefit the people, wildlife and neighborhoods where you live, and wildfire mitigation can be and is a part of that equation.

So, as part of the TakeAction campaign, NFPA and State Farm created a great way to reward teens who want to get involved in wildfire risk reduction projects. It's called Wildfire Risk Reduction Community Service Projects/Funding Awards.

By taking part in proactive service projects, students not only make important contributions in their area to reduce wildfire risks and mitigate post-fire impacts like flooding and mudslides, but they can earn $500 towards an educational scholarship or donate the money to a charitable organization of his/her choice! Talk to your kids about it, then watch this great video below that explains how they can get involved.


This year's wildfire season has proven to be one of the worst in many years. Why not take advantage of this campaign to involve family members in projects that can help you build a safer place to live. TakeAction has a number of great resources you can use to help you get started and guide you along the way like checklists and project ideas and other resources. Get inspired by the stories from other communities, just like yours, that have made it a point to take steps now to prepare.

When you get a chance, share your stories with us. If your kids have been involved in wildfire mitigation projects, we want to hear about it! Let your stories be the inspiration and encouragement others need to begin working on their piece of the bigger wildfire puzzle. We can't wait to find out what everyone is doing!

Learn more about the TakeAction campaign and the community service project funding awards by visiting And stay tuned for the second part of our campaign that focuses on pet preparedness! We know you'll love it!

Find the full report on youth and wildfire on our "youth and families" webpage on

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Department has new vehicle for delivering the message on fire safety

Whitby Car

Imagine zipping around town in a car that makes a statement. That’s what members of Whitby Fire and Emergency Services in Ontario get to do with their new fire safety vehicle. Just in time for Fire Prevention Week, OWASCO car dealership donated the 2015 Volkswagen Beetle all decked out in fire safety messaging featuring Sparky the Fire Dog®

Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell (right) was on hand for the ribbon cutting. The vehicle will be featured at community education displays at two Home Depot locations, a presentation at the Whitby Seniors’ Activity Centre, story time with Fire Chief Dave Speed at the Brooklin Branch Library, and an open house at fire department headquarters.

Source: NFAP Safety Info