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Field hearing on federal agency wildfire response slated for August 27 in Seattle

The United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources posted a notice about a hearing on Thursday August 27th at 11:30 am Pacific Daylight time. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hold a field hearing in Seattle to receive testimony on opportunities to improve the organizational response…

Source: NFPA Wildfire Safety

Don't be a fuel: reducing wildfire risks right near your home

Last week, I gave a webinar with the Green Builder folks to discuss how builders, designers, developer, architects and landscape architects could all help to build safer in areas prone to wildfire. While it is great to build safety into a brand new home or subdivision with the opportunity to…

Source: NFPA Wildfire Safety

Making your money matter: financial planning before a wildfire disaster

I saw an interesting article on the FEMA website that referenced a financial planning guide that is free to download from the American Red Cross. The guide addresses the need to make financial plans before a wildfire disaster. We are aware that the better we prepare before an event, the…

Source: NFPA Wildfire Safety

Canada gets in gear for Fire Prevention Week


The Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council Distribution Center, in Brockville, Ontario, is busier than ever these days with Fire Prevention Week less than six weeks away.

FPW materials have been received and work is underway assembling kits. Summer student Tobin Wade (pictured above) has been organizing packages of brochures, as well as stickers, banners, posters, and other items for distribution to fire departments across Canada.

A new offering for the 2015 FPW campaign is the Fire Safety Sports Box, filled with all kinds of items that kids and teens love–bracelets, water bottles, temporary tattoos, and fire safety brochures.

Source: NFAP Safety Info

Smoke alarms credited with saving an Iowa child

  Smoke Alarm Central Graphic

Smoke alarms likely helped save the life of an 8-year-old girl in Camanche, Iowa. According to KWQC-TV6, Alysia Schomer wanted to stay home on a recent Saturday while the rest of her family went a few blocks away to a parade in town. During a nap she woke up to the sound of a smoke alarm. There was a fire on the kitchen stove and the room had filled with smoke. Alysia says she got out right away and then found help.

“I saw the fire trucks in front of my house and I just couldn’t get here fast enough,” said her mother, Kristie Schomer.

According to the Camanche Fire Department, the smoke alarms in the family’s home were installed a few years ago as part of a fire department program.

“We’ve had smoke alarms save numerous lives but it’s the first time we can actually document that, yes, this is a residence that actually participated in our program,” said Camanche Fire Chief Dave Schutte. Smoke alarm Installation Guide 1

Over the last few years firefighters have installed several hundred smoke alarms in town. NFPA’s Smoke Alarm Central is a complete source of smoke alarm information. The smoke alarm installation guide is an excellent resource for fire departments looking to launch an installation program. In addition, the smoke alarm community toolkit includes everything needed to motivate residents to install and maintain smoke alarms.

It’s believed the fire started when the family dog tried to go after a pizza box on top of the stove, accidentally turning on a burner.

Source: NFAP Safety Info