Mission Statement

2508_ga7zThe Mooretown Volunteer Fire Department is an all volunteer department that was established in 1978.

We meet the 3rd Monday night of each month at 7:30 pm at the firehall. We have 41 members. Ages vary from teenagers to retirees. We are a very diverse group of men and women. We not only respond to fires but we also 1st respond for the ambulance service and a good portion of our membership is also a part of the Rescue Squad. From 1978 until the year 1994 every county fire call was responded to by the Mooretown volunteers.

We were aided by the Woodbury city volunteer dept. and Auburntown city volunteer dept. In 1994 the county established 6 more fire departments Midway, Bradyville, Eastside, Short Mountain, Gassaway and West Side for a total of 9 volunteer fire departments in our county. We are a partially funded fire department with a majority of our funding coming from fundraisers held throughout the year.

We have a total of 4 trucks. 860 is a 1994 Freightliner 1,000 gallon pumper the County Commissioners voted to purchase from Bradford Fire Apparatus in 2009 after our county truck had a mechanical failure. 861 is a 1985 International 2,800 gallon tanker that was donated to us by Suamico Village, WI in 2009. 862 is a 1980 GMC Brigadier 4,000 gallon tanker we purchased from North Coffee fire dept. in 2004. 863 is a 1954 Army Deuce and a 1/2 1,000 gallon tanker/brush truck we purchased from an individual in 2005.